About Us
Lonnie worked in the heavy equipment industry as a sales representative for many years and has always recognized the necessity for wearing high quality footwear. While surfing online for a pair of safety boots, he discovered Australian Safety Boots. Upon purchasing a pair of these boots, Lonnie became a true believer of what real quality, comfort and durability felt like. The protection that these safety boots provided was unmatched. After eighteen years in the heavy equipment industry, Lonnie decided he wanted to start his own safety footwear business, and thus, Lonnie's Safety Boots was born. High quality safety footwear is important but all too often neglected. By wearing appropriate footwear, many accidents can be averted. Lonnie saw an opportunity to educate and promote the value of safety footwear in the transportation, warehouse, and construction industries. Lonnie's Boots Store is committed to providing premium safety work boots and quality service!
Lonnie's Boots Store is located inside the Petro Truck Stopping Center at 4325 Guasti Road in the city of Ontario Ca. Lonnie's Boots Store serves a large portion of OTR truck drivers that fuel up at the Truck Stopping Center. These drivers recognize the necessity of owning good quality safety footwear as they haul and operate heavy machinery such as tractors, bull dozers, generators etc. Lonnie's Boots store is a trucker's destination when it comes to purchasing high end safety footwear.
Lonnie Hinchen,
President, Founder, CEO
Contact information:
Lonnie Hinchen
4325 Guasti Rd.
Ontario Ca, 91761
Office # 909 390 2135
Email: Lonniesboots@gmail.com