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Lonnie worked in the heavy equipment industry as a sales representative for many years and has always recognized the necessity for wearing high quality footwear. While surfing online for a pair of safety boots, he discovered Australian Safety Boots. Upon purchasing a pair of these boots, Lonnie became a true believer of what real quality, comfort and durability felt like. The protection that these safety boots provided was unmatched. After eighteen years in the heavy equipment industry, Lonnie decided he wanted to start his own safety footwear business, and thus, Lonnie’s Safety Boots was born. High quality safety footwear is important but all too often neglected. By wearing appropriate footwear, many accidents can be averted. Lonnie saw an opportunity to educate and promote the value of safety footwear in the transportation, warehouse, and construction industries. Lonnie’s Boots Store is committed to providing premium safety work boots and quality service!
Lonnie’s Boots Store is located inside the Petro Truck Stopping Center at 4325 Guasti Road in the city of Ontario Ca. Lonnie’s Boots Store serves a large portion of OTR truck drivers that fuel up at the Truck Stopping Center. These drivers recognize the necessity of owning good quality safety footwear as they haul and operate heavy machinery such as tractors, bull dozers, generators etc.
Lonnie’s Boots store is a trucker’s destination when it comes to purchasing high end safety footwear.
What you do and Why you do:
Lonnie, who is a follower of Jesus Christ, has always had a passion for people, making friends with customers from all around the world which is one of his greatest joys. Lonnie outgoing personality compliments him well as he spreads the love of Jesus Christ. Selling safety footwear brings great fulfillment while at the same time keeps customers safe!
Details about the product I sell:
Lonnie’s Boots Store sells Steel Blue Safety Footwear. Steel Blue is a premium safety footwear manufacturer in Australia. I chose Steel Blue Safety Footwear because it represents what I represent. Excellence, Quality and Comfort made for work. Steel Blue offers a 60-day money back comfort guarantee on every style I carry. That’s Confidence. That’s Commitment.

Steel Blue Safety Footwear has Tri-sole comfort technology which cushions your feet, knees, hips and lower back from day-to-day fatigue with it’s unique soling system.This provides a vital foundation that supports your whole body. Strategically placed pads made of high-tech PORON are placed in the soles and under your foot’s peak stress areas. This multi-density soling has been proven as much more effective in cushioning and absorbing shock than a standard footbed.

When you wear your Steel Blue boots, you know you’ve got the best available foot technology that’s backed by our 100% Comfort Guarantee.
When did you start this Journey?
Lonnie started selling safety footwear out of the back of his Toyota Prius in 2016. He drove around to different trucking companies and introduced them to quality safety footwear. Lonnie connected with a tanker company who had drivers that were required by law to wear steel toe safety boots. This is when Lonnie had an epiphany and began to penetrate that market. Lonnie’s Boots Store began making footprints in the transportation industry. Now drivers from all over the country trust Lonnie’s Boots Store as their Safety Footwear source. Lonnie built his reputation on quality and excellent service.
Lonnie Hinchen,
President, Founder, CEO
Contact information:
Lonnie Hinchen
4325 Guasti Rd.
Ontario Ca, 91761
Office # 909 390 2135
Email: Lonniesboots@gmail.com